Aluminum Belt Coil

1000,3000,6000 series, thickness 0.5~1mm

Aluminum Belt Coil

1.What is coated aluminum plate: Coated aluminum plate is a layer of PVC and PET film on the surface of aluminum plate. Generally, there are two kinds of single-sided coated aluminum plate.
One is double-sided coated board. Application scenarios are more and more widely. At present, the curtain wall board and wall guard board are used most. Another kind of lamination is kraft paper, which is used as thermal insulation aluminum plate or coil.
2.Strong processability: Coated aluminum plate in processing ductility is very strong, can do all kinds of modeling, bending not white, not burst.

The thickness of aluminum gusset plate should be about 0.6 mm. The overall thickness of some small brands of coated plate is 0.6 mm, but the method of increasing the film thickness is adopted to reduce the thickness of the substrate. Some plates even have a substrate thickness of only 0.38 mm.

In the production process of coated kraft paper laminating aluminum coil, the aluminum coil should be degreased, the plate shape should be flat, the difference between the same plate should be small, the weight of each roll can be 2.5-3 tons, or 3-5 tons.
The inner hole should be 505 paper cylinder core or aluminum barrel core, and the export products should be non fumigation packaging, which is suitable for maritime customs clearance.

Special coil for anticorrosion and thermal insulation,Material 1060 3003 3A21 LF21, Thickness 0.1-5.0mm, width 1000-2200mm.

The process is to apply kraft paper to the aluminum roll first, and then to emboss, which can enhance its strength and anti-corrosion performance.
The anti-corrosion performance of aluminum coil itself is relatively good, and the service life of aluminum coil is greatly enhanced after compounding with a layer of kraft paper. It also plays an important role in absorbing moisture in the pipeline.